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The Cure For Time Zone Burnout: How To Avoid Burning The Candle At Both Ends When Working With Remote Team Members In Different Time Zones

Scrum stand ups are meetings that project teams gather to have every day. These meetings usually are called to tackle the following three things:

  • What you did yesterday
  • What you are doing today
  • What is hindering you from doing your work

Normally, these meetings should not hold for more than 15 minutes and they are not intended for solving issues; it’s simply a way to tick off tasks and record hinderances to work.

If you are part of a global project team, then you know that the commitment of attending a daily standup meeting isn’t something that always works for everyone’s schedule with consideration to different time zones. The need to stop what you’re doing from wherever you are, to meet up at a specified meeting time and report your activities gets very old, very quickly.

When your team is spread across the globe in different time zones, it’s painful to have to set constant reminders to meet especially considering that it adds hours to the early morning or late night. The scheduling demands of “burning the candle at both ends” is disruptive and can pose a problem in having team members feeling fresh and ready to do their best work. You want your time and your sanity back!

The suboptimal solution is to have the entire project team in the same location, to make scheduling more tolerable. The draw back to this is it restricts access to global talent, and slows down productivity. Wouldn’t it be better to have the best talent available to make forward progress on your project around the clock?

In as much as understanding status is important and necessary for project teams, remote teams can accomplish the same with even greater productivity, even if geographically spread around the globe. It comes down to this, where your team members live should not matter. The only thing that should really matter is quality of output and speed of the delivery.

This is where the GoPlanDo app comes in. With the GoPlanDo app, it is easy to organize tasks, track progress reports and see real-time progress updates from your team.

The GoPlanDo app helps you to section work and tasks into buckets and assign them to different members of your team from across your task board. All you have to do is drag work items to distribute them amongst the team. The mobile interface is friendly, which means that every member of your remote team gets real-time updates on their phone where ever they are.

GoPlanDo is a project management and team collaboration tool that does what your daily scrum meetings do and all on a mobile app. The GoPlanDo app is one where rather than setting your alarms to meet up and participate in a scrum meetings, you can log into the app, put in your updates based on your completed tasks from the previous day, and simply drag and drop the current work item that your working on that day into  a ‘Today’ folder. Everyone on the team knows what everyone else is working on and can easily see if a work item is ‘blocked’ if facing a hinderance.

Built-in private and team chat allows for the free flow of communication and achieves the exact same goal as a scrum meeting but without all the extra overhead. With the GoPlanDo app, your entire team stays connected and focused on their tasks thereby boosting the productivity with convenience.

If you want a better way to manage your project effectively as well as your team without having the distractions of scrum meetings every day, then what you need is the GoPlanDo app for you and your entire team.


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